Your home is a reflection of yourself. Everything from your hobbies to your life’s achievements will come through your choice of furniture, artwork and home decor. You put significant thought into the luxurious and sophisticated touches for your interior decorating, so the design of your home should match.

luxury home plan Houston

A custom luxury home plan gives you the opportunity to showcase your unique style and tastes. Everything fits in with your lifestyle, from the room flow to the size of the house. Enjoy a bespoke experience from the second you walk in your door.

We focus on quality with every part of your luxury home design. From the flooring to the finishes, everything is best-in-class for a high-class home. We work closely with you to ensure that all aspects of the design exceed your expectations.

This timeless design is one of a kind and likely to be regarded as an important family heirloom. The floors add a powerful statement to every room, whether you want rare and spectacular hardwoods or a bold marble.

Innovative technology improves your experience as soon as you step in the door. Smart home devices do everything from setting the light levels to monitoring the contents of your wine cellar. We help you select the technology that makes life better, safer and more enjoyable. All you need to do to control a part of your home is simply access it through a smartphone or use a voice-activated system.

Luxury homes at 5,000 square feet or larger give you many options for unique layouts that fit into your lifestyle. You won’t find a pre-built home or already-drawn-up house plan that could accommodate your need for multiple wet bars, or even one that features a stellar library with advanced ventilation to keep your antique books in the perfect condition.

You deserve to live as comfortably and luxuriously as possible. When you get a custom home plan drawn up specifically for your project, you never have to worry about compromising on your desires or dealing with subpar touches. It’s time for your home to reflect everything that’s unique about you.

Let us know everything you need to bring your dream luxury home into a reality.