Whether it’s a home remodeling contract or a new building project, if you’re planning a construction job in the city of Houston, it’s vital to get the right City of Houston plans and permits squared away before you start. This will avoid building code enforcement problems — and future legal trouble down the road. 

Houston building code, however, can be challenging to navigate without professional assistance. If you want to cover your bases, keep reading to ensure that you understand the permitting requirements for your next job. 

When Do I Need a Building Permit in Houston? 

According to Houston, Texas building code, securing a permit is necessary for most construction projects inside the city limits. Here are a few examples of when you’ll need one. Keep in mind that other situations may require permitting on a case-by-case basis: 

  • Construction projects on a new or existing building: A Houston home addition, like adding an extra bedroom to the back of a home, will require a permit. 
  • Remodeling work: If the remodeling job involves more than putting up wallpaper or painting, a permit is required. 
  • Building repair work: If you’re rebuilding a roof after a storm that caused structural damage, this job also requires a permit. 

Do I Need a license to Get a Building Permit? 

In most cases, you won’t need a special license to get a permit. However, some jobs — like roofing contracts — do require a license before the city will issue a permit. 

Roofing contractors, for example, need to obtain a license through the Voluntary Registration Program before seeking a permit. The Voluntary Registration Program requires proof of comprehensive liability insurance with at least $500,000 of bodily injury and death coverage and an additional $500,000 of property damage coverage. Contractors should also be following the proper safety guidelines for construction workers throughout the project.

What Documentation Do I Need for a Home Building Permit? 

The documentation required for a home building permit varies depending on the nature of the job. Here are some common scenarios and the documentation they require: 

Documents Required for Residential Repair Permits 

For general residential repairs, you won’t have to submit plans in most cases. However, you will need to submit the following: 

Documents Required for Residential Re-Roofing Permits 

For residential re-roofing project or roofing repair project, you won’t have to submit plans. However, if the job involves the replacement of joists, rafters or more in-depth construction, plans are necessary. Here is the minimum documentation required for a reroofing permit: 

Documentation Required for Other Permits 

When permits are required, you’ll usually need the following forms and information: 

  • Plans that offer proof of compliance with the standards established by the 2015 International Energy Conservation Code, or plans that offer ResCheck or IC3 Compliance Report 
  • A completed Evacuations and Fill Worksheet 
  • Two copies of legible plans in a non-erasable format. These plans must include (1) a survey; (2) a plot plan from the survey; and (3) complete building plans. The building plans should include (1) wall sections; (2) floor, ceiling and roof framing plans; (3) a foundation plan; and (4) an Engineer’s seal when necessary. 

It All Starts With Intelligent Home Design 

Securing approval for a home building permit starts with intelligent home design. Since 2001, Houston Plans & Permits has provided Houston area builders with custom design services. Our designs satisfy the aesthetic tastes of choosy clients without losing sight of the detailed requirements of local building inspectors.

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